History of Altcoins

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Mapofcoins.com is an interesting website I’ve recently come across. If you are interested in Altcoin history,there is a lot of information to be gained on this site. Mapofcoins shows the origin of every altcoin and which coin it is forked off of. As of this writing it lists 412 altcoins. Check out this new website to find out from which forked coin your favorite altcoins sprang.

Moolah.io Buys MintPal Exchange


Moopay LTD (https://moolah.io) announced today that it will be taking over the management and operation of mintpal.com, a leading altcoin exchange, following the acquisition of MintPal Limited. Moopay will bring significant development and security expertise to the table, and this new partnership will result in a number of new opportunities for customers of both platforms.

“We reached out to MintPal as we believed that we could restore confidence in the exchange by bringing our experience and expertises to the table. MintPal has a solid trading platform with a user interface that is second to none, and we intend to again make it one of the foremost altcoin trading platforms, with an increased focus on security and performance.” said Alex Green, CEO of Moopay LTD.

Founded earlier this year, MintPal established itself as one of the premier trading exchanges in the altcoin sector. With a focus on quality over quantity and an easy to use and responsive interface, MintPal quickly became popular within the community. MintPal will continue to primarily focus on premium and proven markets in order to avoid the recent premine “scams” that have plagued other exchanges, to further protect our customers.

Moopay plans to incorporate and promote MintPal as its primary altcoin trading platform, while switching focus on its existing currency exchange to purely FIAT based markets. A number of security and performance enhancements are already in the works, with further features and improvements to the platform planned out over the next few months.

As a result of the acquisition, once the takeover period is complete (happening through the month of August), MintPal will be fully managed and operated by Moopay.

More information relating to the acquisition can be found on the Moopay blog at http://blog.moolah.io/

About Moopay

Moopay is a provider of financial and payment processing services for consumers and merchants, primarily based around digital currency. With more than 90,000 customer accounts, their platform is used around the world in a diverse range of locations. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Cambridge (UK), Moopay has a team split between the United Kingdom and United States.



Best Twitter Traders


Twitter is one of the best resources for the altcoin trader. There  is a sizable community of crypto currency traders on Twitter. By following members of this community it is easier to keep a finger on the pulse of the altcoin market.

It is important to follow the best traders to get the best advice and insight. One of the members of the Twitter altcoin community, @cryptospy,  has published a ranking of the best crypto traders on Twitter. It is called the Twitter Crypto Trader Rating.

Be sure to follow all the traders on this handy list to get the best out of Twitter to help your trading.

Vericoin Development Team Revealed

While many altcoin developers hide behind nicknames like LordofCrypto or something silly and their reason for making an altcoin seems to be to dump the premine and move on to the next scam and out of their parent’s basement,  fortunately there are accomplished developers with ideas for their altcoin and the chops to accomplish their goals.

Vericoin seems to be an altcoin with the kind of development team you want to invest in and have confidence in. They recently announced the backgrounds of their development team and they are truly impressive including an engineer from Microsoft. (Click to enlarge).


I am liking Vericoin and this latest news only adds to my support. Vericoin is an altcoin with a solid team behind it with a solid plan and an emphasis on innovation and staying cutting edge. That’s what I want to invest in.



Razorcoin RZR




I have never seen a coin burst on to the scene like Razorcoin. It was launched on June 8th and added yesterday to Bittrex. There is to be a total of 2 million coins. The volume was incredible for a first day coin. As of today, Razorcoin is number two in volume on Bittrex (over 500 BTC volume) and it’s only in its second day of trading. It has also been added to Coins E exchange.

Razorcoin is an innovative coin with Tor integration built in. This gives Razorcoin a different approach to Anonymity than any other altcoin.

Razorcoin is already super expensive, and I have been waiting for a pullback to buy some, but everyone seems to be happy to buy at market price until now.

It’s impossible to ignore a coin with such a incredible start to trading. I will be keeping a close watch on Razorcoin and try to accumulate some on any pullbacks.

Blackcoin Rising?



Blackhalo Website

You may not have noticed but Blackcoin has been slowly rising in price the last week or so. There seems to be accumulation going on.

I think this has to do with Blackhalo, Blackcoin’s Decentralized exchange and smart contract system being released for public beta soon.

Blackhalo for Blackcoin and Bithalo for Bitcoin are  revolutionary new smart contract protocols allowing for a decentralized exchange utilizing smart contracts. They are only available for Bitcoin and Blackcoin.

BlackHalo is a smart contracting client which eliminates the middle man, or the trust you have to put in total stranger when doing transactions. It offers “double deposit two-party escrow”, joint accounts and more! You can initiate worldwide transfers, straight from your computer to someone else right from the wallet — anywhere in the world and without the need of a company or person acting as an intermediary. You can pay them knowing they can’t break the contract due to the advanced deposit each party made to insure the deal. The contracts are unbreakable.

Here is a demo of the soon to be released to the public, beta of the Blackhalo client.

Embedded into the Blackhalo client is Night trader, the decentralized messaging and trading system.

Nighttrader is a decentralized exchange/trading floor and is implemented in BlackHalo’s “Market” tab. NightTrader is an encrypted messaging system which creates a totally new system of client networks, which allows them to communicate without the use of centralized servers. This prevents threats and extortion since clients can filter the messages and allows for all kinds of wonderful products to be created atop the platform itself.

If you don’t hold any Blackcoin, now is the time to get into this great altcoin. Blackcoin is one of my favorite altcoins and one of my only three long term holdings. Bitcoin and Darkcoin being the other two.

If your still on the fence about this coin, here’s the latest Blackcast video from the development team with lots of good information.

Episode 3 Blackcast:

Korecoin Kore



Korecoin was launched on June 15th and is already trading on Bittrex. It is a hybrid altcoin with POW distribution and POS minting. The POW phase is over and it totaled 1.2 million coins. There are 12 million coins scheduled in total. There was a premine of  0.83%.

In a rare display of honesty and integrity, the developer used most of the premine to compensate miners who were mining on the wrong forks. Early on, Korecoin had a problem with a lot of forking and some miners ended up wasting their time mining on the wrong fork. Although this is very common in the altcoin world, the Korecoin developer is the first I’ve heard of to step up and compensate miners. Kudos to this developer. An honest developer is a definite plus for a coin.

Like most of the new altcoins Korecoin is working on an anonymous feature. Korecoin has a very active development team, The POW distribution phase is over and it is a pure POS coin. Also Korecoin is attracting more and more volume on Bittrex. It is already the 5th highest volume coin on Bittrex.

Korecoin looks like it has a chance of a big run like Crypt or Cloak. And I look for it to get picked up by Mintpal soon. Check it out for yourself and keep an eye on this one.

Coins-E Exchange


Coins E

Coins E is one of the older altcoin exchanges but it has never achieved much popularity. This may be about to change as Coins E is relaunching their exchange with all new backend and front end interface. If you don’t have an account on Coins E you might want to get signed up as it looks like this may become the next hot exchange judging from the interest on Twitter.

Here’s some of the Tweets: